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Hypnotherapy assists you to make long term positive changes. The hypnotic state is experienced differently by different people, for some it may feel like a daydream and others they feel like they have gone to sleep. Any level of trance is conducive to the therapy process as when you feel relaxed you are more responsive to positive suggestions. If you have ever felt relaxed then you are capable of being hypnotised.

Hypnotherapy can involve changing your perspective through your use of language, applying coping strategies or completing guided visualisation. It requires you to be actively involved in the treatment process, for example completing homework tasks and listening to audio recordings.
My approach to therapy is holistic so I use a variety to strategies to fulfil your specific needs. 

Cognitive Behavioural Psychology (CBP)
Cognitive Behavioural psychology helps you to identify negative thoughts and behaviours and learn techniques to change them.  The skills you learn are transferrable and therefore can be used by you to deal with future issues.

 Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
NLP is an approach that uses patterns in language to access what is going on in your mind. It provides a way for me to understand how you perceive events and therefore enables me to identify the best way to help you to make changes. It provides lots of useful strategies, many of which can be implemented into your everyday life.

Mindfulness provides brilliant explanations about why we feel stressed and overwhelmed. By being more aware and shifting your focus to the present you will have more clarity and be able to enjoy life more. The strategies are simple and easy to use in your daily life.

Therapy Process

In the inistial consultation, we discuss your reason for coming and I find out about you as a person. I check that you understand what hypnotherapy is, so that you are comfortable with the process and I encourage you to ask questions. We establish your goals and create your personalised treatment plan. 

Then during your next session we start intenstive therapeutic work which may involve practical strategies for you to implement into your everyday lives. Often during a session, I will record the hypnosis section so that you can listen to the audio recordings at home. 

Therapy Room
Each session is tailored to your needs so that you can make long lasting positive changes. Every issue is different and therefore the number of sessions needed varies but I can guide you on what's most appropriate for you.