Leo's Caesarean Birth 


"In the run up to the birth I tried to mentally prepare myself for both having a VBAC and a c section. I knew that as the section was planned for 40+2 I had a fighting chance of a VBAC but as the days went on I focussed more on preparing for the section. 

This involved having baths while listening to your recordings. Using your visualisations to help me sleep...I slept incredibly well this pregnancy, even the night before the section! I started thinking about using all my senses and took lavender to bed every night, listened to Thai massage music (getting in the Thailand theme!) etc. Usefully you were posting on Facebook about sleep awareness week so I was reading all those and getting tips. 

Another way that you helped so much was that you got Adam and I talking about what was coming and to think about decisions. The biggest factor though was how much you made Adam realise that whatever happened keeping me calm was the goal. In the few days before the birth he made it his mission to pamper me and make sure I felt ready and relaxed and rested. He is a wonderful husband and my biggest support. But he gets understandably stressed in hospitals. So we discussed that I needed him to stay calm ...I even told him he wasn't allowed any road rage on the way there! 

We felt much better prepared by the time the pre op appointment came the week before the section. We got a presentation from an anaesthetist and midwife about what the section would entail and what choices we could make. We had already discussed them by this point but it was reassuring that the hospital was explaining that most of our wishes would be granted where possible. Although I'd been through a section before, an emergency was so different with all control taken away.


The Hypnobirthing Book
by Katharine Graves  
Free 1st chapter
​​So the day of the section arrived and by this point I had come to terms with not getting the VBAC I hoped for and focussed on getting the best out of the section.

We arrived at 7am. There were 3 sections planned for that morning and they had explained that they would be prioritised and carried out at 9am, 11am and 1pm. We obviously wanted to go first (especially as hadn't been allowed to eat or drink since night before!) while we were getting prepared and booked in on a hospital bed I was getting nervous so Adam reminded me of my visualisations. Luckily we were first up and went into theatre at 9am. 

It was such a different experience walking into the theatre and climbing onto the bed rather than being wheeled in on a trolley exhausted and scared. Adam said after how it was surreal That I was cracking jokes with the midwives whilst having the canula and epidural put in! 

We asked for delayed cord clamping, skin on skin straight away. They asked if we wanted the screen lowered so we could see the birth. They offered our own music playing in the theatre but we were happy with theirs. Ironically they were playing "push it real good". 

As we were the first operation of the day the midwife explained that delayed clamping might not be possible as the theatre was not yet quite warm enough. That was fine as it was explained and the skin on skin was the main thing I wanted. 

So the little monkey arrived and we watched him come out, I had a little cry and so did Leo! They actually broke my waters and he started crying whilst he was still inside me so they were laughing that his time of birth was a bit uncertain as he hadn't yet been born when he cried! 

Adam trimmed his cord (reluctantly!) then Leo came straight to me for a cuddle which was an amazing distraction from them sewing me up and the time passed so quickly. I was only away from him a few short minutes as they finished up. 

The whole thing was so relaxed and an amazing experience rather than a scary medical one. I was up walking really quickly and as I didn't need any pain medication we were allowed home the following day! 

Thank you so much for your support. In honesty I haven't had the time to listen to the post birth recordings...but then again I've been so relaxed I haven't felt like I needed them!"