Leo's Home Birth 


Hypnobirthing helped me the whole way through my pregnancy, to listen to my body, look after myself and to take one day at a time. 

During the last trimester I'd been having lots of Braxton hicks and they'd become pretty regular in the evenings. In the last few weeks they felt more like surges and would last for hours, become regular and then fade. Even though I was getting uncomfortable, my daughter (E) kept getting sick so I didn't want baby to come just yet and I'd also planned lovely things for the weeks ahead, like massages, reflexology and subjecting Scott to lots of rom coms, so I was very happy to keep the baby in for a bit longer.

​​By 41 weeks E was feeling lot better. I'd lost my mucus plug but surges were still fading, particularly when E appeared so I asked if my mum could have her for the day. Scott and I wanted to make the most of the sunshine and some quality time together so we went for a walk along the canal. I took it slowly, enjoying the views and fresh air. We stopped to eat at the canal side cafe 

bumping into friends 
and even one of my hypnobirthing couples with their baby. When we got home, I had a sleep, then spent the rest of the day in the garden. My mum called and offered to have E overnight for us, I cried feeling so guilty I wasn't with her but my husband convinced me it was a good idea as it would help me relax and have a good night's sleep. 

Before I went to sleep that night, I chose a fear release (hypnobirthing) script for my Scott to read me. I wanted my body to know I was ready and let go of anything that might be holding me back. I felt so calm and fell asleep to surges. I woke about 2.50am and they were feeling strong but I stayed lying on my side for about 45 mins before I felt bubbling like my waters were releasing so I carefully got up and walked to the bathroom. It was a slow release but I knew it was happening so I called my midwife and doula and contemplated letting Scott sleep but he heard me on the phone. He was surprisingly chipper and excited things seemed to be happening so set to work tidying and preparing the lounge. 

The Hypnobirthing Book
by Katharine Graves  
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​​My doula (Lucy) arrived as Scott was starting to fill the pool and I was bouncing on the ball using my up breathing...I was reminding myself how amazing it was that my body was so powerful as the surges were strong and getting closer together. Lucy asked if I wanted a back massage which was very well recieved as I was feeling the surges in my back as well as my front! My midwife (Jess) arrived about 15 mins later and by then I was fully in my birth zone and took a lot of effort to briefly say hello and then go back to my breathing...repeating the affirmation "relaxed and calm" to myself. Jess asked me to lie down so she could do the initial assessment so I tried various times before saying I couldn't as surges were coming thick and fast and lying down was uncomfortable (leaning back in the last trimester had been incredibly hard) so she ended up listening to the baby's heart beat, taking my blood pressure and temperature whilst I was on the ball. 

I was holding my husband's arms as he said positive affirmations which I repeated as the surges peaked. Time went by so fast as I must have been in that position for a couple of hours before asking when the pool would be ready as I was starting to feel a downward pressure. Luckily it almost was and as I got up to get in, I felt more of my waters go and the baby move down. I started to make a very primal noise! Jess took down my pants and said afterwards she knew immediately the baby was coming from the shape of my pelvis, his head was right there.

I really wasn't sure if I'd make it to the pool but Scott seemed to effortlessly lift me in. I didn't get the relief I thought I would from the water, probably because the water was too shallow as turns out putting extra padding underneath was not a great idea, but I felt I was exactly where I needed to be. I lent over the side and Scott asked if he should get in, I said it was up to him but there might not be time. He decided not to but waited behind me with Jess, ready to guide the baby to me when he arrived. 

On the next surge the baby's head, down to his eyebrows, was born. The surge was incredibly powerful and I focused on opening, softening and the baby moving down. I then had an amazing 5 min rest where I felt really alert, which was strange as during the surge I felt fully in my birth zone. During the next surge the second midwife, Sian, arrived and the head moved down so Scott could now see Leo's nose. After another 5 mins his whole head was born and on the one after that I felt him rotate, which was incredibly surreal. Suddenly he was there, looking up at me under the water so I instinctively reached down and took him to my chest, holding him tightly. He just quietly looked at me and time slowed down, I couldn't believe he was here! 

I made good use of the pool after as I stayed in to deliver the placenta, which took about 55 mins. Towards the end I asked Scott to hold Leo, bobbing him in the water, whilst I focused on my down breathing as the surges were becoming quite strong. 

We were all a bit shocked when we finally weighed him as he was a whopping 11lbs 1oz!! He was on 99th percentile when my daughter had been on the 9th...not sure how that happened?! Explains why I was struggling to lean back, among other things, in the last trimester.

A few hours later I was tucked up in my own bed, eating a bacon sandwich and introducing my daughter to her little brother 🤗😍

Complete and utter bliss!