My Hypnobirthing Philosopy


In my early twenties I was a birthing partner for a friend, we attended antenatal classes and didn't really think anything else was needed. Everything went to plan but I felt more scared than I anticipated and in hindsight I realise I wasn't particularly helpful. I became even more aware of how out of my depth I was back then, years later, when I gave birth to my daughter. 

When I was pregnant, I became fascinated by hypnobirthing, I read as many books that I could get my hands on and I listening to hypnobirthing recordings.  I  felt empowered and the  skills I  learnt  were  invaluable  for  my
birth, breastfeeding and beyond. I do however wish that I had prioritised involving my husband in my preparations for birth as I only ended up chatting briefly to him about it. I always thought there would be time when I was on maternity leave but it never came. I think doing a hypnobirthing course would've meant we would have made time for us as a couple, to have those important discussions and learn and practise the skills together. 

My birth made me even more fascinated by hypnobirthing so I decided to train to be a KG hypnobirthing practitioner and I'm so glad I did. I chose KG as it is a full antenatal programme and the training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. I loved how the course encourages the birth partner to be such a big part of the birth so they can share in the positive birth experience too.

As a hypnobirthing practitioner, I think it's really important that I am up to date with what is happening with maternity services in Hertfordshire so I attend Maternity Services Liaison Committee and am in contact with midwives who work locally. I regularly attend training courses to ensure that I am offering the best possible support, I'm looking forward to going on a Spinning Babies Course in November. I also host Positive Birth Movement meetings (free support groups for pregnant woman) on the 4th Monday of each Month. 
I can't get enough of helping couples prepare for birth, I get to know them at one of the most exciting times in their lives, which is such a privilege. It's such an amazing feeling when I hear their birth stories and (when I'm really lucky) meet their babies! 
The Hypnobirthing Book
by Katharine Graves  
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