My Hypnobirthing Philosopy


Being a birth partner and my own two births have really shaped how I am as a birth professional. 

In my early twenties I was a birthing partner for a friend, we attended the NHS antenatal classes and we didn't really think anything else was needed. Everything went well but I felt much more scared than I anticipated and in hindsight I realise I wasn't particularly helpful; I really didn't know what to say or do. This showed me how important the birth partners/dads are as it gave me an insight into how they feel and how much better it is to have tools to support their loved one. Now when I'm asked to be a birth partner, I love every second and feel honoured to be part of an incredibly important event in their lives.

Years after I was a birth partner, I gave birth to my daughter at Watford General, I was blown away how powerful hypnobirthing was; Even when I was on triage for hours and then moved to the delivery suite where I didn't want to be. It inspired me to train as a Hypnobirthing teacher and to get involved in the Positive Birth Movement, which I now corun locally.

More recently (April 2018), I gave birth to my son in my living room and it honestly was the most empowering experience I've ever had. You can read his full birth story here. 

As a hypnobirthing practitioner, I think it's really important that I am up to date with what is happening with maternity services in Hertfordshire so I attend Maternity Services Liaison Committee (Mothers' Voices), have some lovely midwives who I am lucky enough to call friends and I meet up with other birth professionals. I am a typical teacher, I was a secondary school teacher for 9 years before I became a therapist and hypnobirthing teacher, as I love learning and jump at any course there is that will strengthen my skillset.

I can't get enough of helping couples prepare for birth, I get to know them at one of the most exciting times in their lives, which is such a privilege. It's such an amazing feeling when I hear their birth stories and they start spreading the word about hypnobirthing!