Hypnobirthing for Caesarean


Hypnobirthing provides you with the knowledge to have a calm and positive caesarean birth experience. It teaches you and your birth partner about your birth preferences when having a caesarean, to release your fears, practical techniques to relax during prenancy, birth and beyond.

The course includes 5 hours of teaching, KG 'your baby's caesarean birth' Cd/MP3, folder of notes and a goody baby. This is a private course for you and your birth partner so the sessions can be very flexible to meet your needs and can be in the day, evenings or weekends. 


Kathy (Mum of two boys):

I would highly recommend Clare's sessions to anyone preparing to give birth.  I went to Clare before having my 2nd child after having a traumatic 1st labour. She gave me the tools to make the birth a totally different and beautiful experience. She made my husband feel very relaxed during the sessions and helped us to communicate as a couple about our expectations for the birth. The whole thing was so relaxed and an amazing experience rather than a scary medical one. I was up walking really quickly and as I didn't need any pain medication I was allowed home the following day. Thank you so much for your support.'
The Hypnobirthing Book
by Katharine Graves  
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