Sawyer's Water Birth 


​"Sawyer Lincoln Seals was born on 13th January at 5.45am weighing 8lb 11oz, his birth was very positive and calm and I had him in the pool using just gas and air. I believe that hypnobirthing and the techniques I learnt from Clare went a long way in helping this be such a positive labour. 

Here is his birth story:

I woke on the morning of 12th Jan at 9am to a mild period type ache, I didn't think very much of it as it was a constant ache. I hopped in the shower and noticed that the ache started coming and going but still mild. My dad was picking me up at 11am as I was going to hang out at my parents house for the day so I thought I'd pack a bag with my tens machine, maternity notes, massage 

​balls ​​etc just in case 'this was it'. 

By 11.30 the aches were coming and going enough that I started timing them. They were coming between every 3-5 mins, only lasting about 30 seconds and very mild. By 2pm they were 30-45 seconds in length and starting to feel a bit stronger so my mum ran me a lovely bath with candles and I sat in there for a while listening to my baby playlist of songs which make me happy. At 3pm i decided to phone the hospital to let them know what was going on and they said I was doing fine at home but to keep timing them and phone back in an hour or so to keep them updated.

At this point i decided to put on my tens machine on a low setting as I needed a distraction from the waves. My mum and sister were rubbing my back and taking great care of me. By 4pm just as the snow started falling I decided to call Dustin home from work who collected the bags from home. I decided to stay at my parents as I was very comfortable there and my mum set up the conservatory with lots of lovely candles to keep a low lit and relaxed environment. I called the hospital again at 5.30 as the waves 

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 were getting stronger and they said I was more than welcome to go in at any time. At this point my mum made some sandwiches for everyone which I didn't feel like eating and at 7pm I asked Dustin to drive me to the hospital. He did an amazing job of getting me there despite heavy falling snow.

The waves slowed down a little in the car as expected, but were still strong when I did have them. I listened to my hypnobirthing tracks and used the massage balls on my hands as distraction. On arrival at the hospital we were shown to a room and checked for progress. The first midwife that checked said my cervix was closed, I was heartbroken. I was also wondering how on eart I was going to cope if after 8 hours nothing had actually happened. Luckily right at that moment I had a surge and she quickly asked for a second opinion. The second midwife checked, confirmed that I was 3cm, fully effaced and baby's head was very low - yay! They said it was up to me if I wanted to stay to which I said yes so that I could create my relaxing environment.

At that point there was a midwife change and I met the 2 lovely midwives who would eventually deliver my baby. They were Jayne and student midwife Sara. I spent the next 4 hours using breathing techniques and my tens machine for pain relief and was observed by Jayne and Sara for a while. We created a low lit environment in the room with LED candles, put on my hypnobirthing tracks and used my room spray.

At 11.30pm I asked for an examination as I wanted to make sure I had progressed into active labour and felt like I needed some extra pain relief. I was 5cm at this point. I called my mum to come to hospital and asked for the gas and air. It gets a bit blurry here but I know I spent another 4 hours with the gas and air and my tens machine and I also decided to have a lie down on the bed for some rest and my mum was rubbing my back. At this point I did wonder if it would be a good idea to have some pethidine so that I could have a little sleep but I was doing so well I decided to just carry on. So glad I did!

By 3am I felt I needed something more so asked to have the pool set up. I was examined again and was 7cm and I got into the pool with my gas and air just before 4am. As soon as I got in the water I stopped getting the frequent waves and I was then worried that everything was going to stop. Then I had a massive surge and realised that things might be moving along quickly. At this point I started having very strong surges but luckily spaced out. I found it very difficult to breathe through them and completely failed at any visualisations. Dustin, my mum and Jayne were amazing at calming down my breathing. I used Dustin's arms for support and my mum had the gas and air ready for each surge. During one giant surge my water broke which was a crazy feeling and I started then feeling huge amounts of pressure.
As time went on I sunk further and further down in the pool and at one point even accidentally breathed in the water as I was sunk so low. I gave up the gas and air as I couldn't concentrate on breathing and using it.

As time passed I felt everything that Clare has talked about including the stinging just before crowning and I had the obligatory 'I can't do this' moment. My mum and Dustin both laughed at this as obviously i had no choice and I heard Jayne whisper to Sara that I was in transition. I knew I was close!

A few surges later and I could feel the head crowning, we knew baby was close as a second midwife was called in. After a few more surges and trying to breathe baby down the second midwife told me that during my next surge I would have to hold my breath and give a push. I did just that and baby's head was born, the surge wasnt over so I kept pushing and Sawyer was born. The relief was immense and I shouted 'I did it'. Sawyer was passed through my legs and Dustin picked him out and handed him to me and then we found out it was a boy.

I got out the water to try and deliver the placenta, baby's cord pulsated for 15 minutes and Jayne commented how thick and healthy it was. Dustin cut the cord at 6am and after another 15 minutes I asked for the injection to deliver the placenta as I was very tired. I was then checked over and although my perinium was intact, I had a labial tear due to Sawyer's hand being at his face when he was born so I had some stitches using gas and air and cuddles with Sawyer.

We stayed in hospital until around 7.30 that evening and we were given the choice to go home or stay overnight. The staff on the ABC ward at Watford were amazing, we had great care from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. The midwives that looked after me throughout the night were especially fabulous and had clearly read and taken note of my birth preferences.

Overall a wonderful birth experience and I'm so thankful to have taken the hypnobirthing course with Clare which fully prepared me for everything that happened."