Weight Management


Over a third of people in the UK are unhappy with their weight or body image. Chances are if you're reading this then you're one of them.
Hypnotherapy provides a holistic approach and therefore can lead to a long term solution. It encourages you to explore your reasons for feeling unhappy with your body in order to find ways to motivate you. It  helps you to become more aware of your eating patterns and your thought processes. Most importantly it teaches you practical strategies so that you feel more confident and in control.
Weight Management

You may just be after a kick start or a full weight loss programme, I can cater for both so get in touch to find out more.


Marisa: "I am very good at dieting. Over the past 15-20 years I’ve been on slimming world, the fasting diet, weight watchers, Carol Vorderman’s 28 day detox. They’ve all worked while I’ve been doing them but my weight always creeps back up as I return to poor eating habits. I approached Clare to see if she could help me break my classic yo-yo dieting cycle with hypnotherapy. Part of me secretly hoped I’d come away from the experience disliking chocolate and crisps and with a new found penchant for Brussel sprouts. Of course I didn’t! The genuine benefit of the hypnotherapy sessions was in helping me to identify what my issues with food are – in my case it was almost compulsive, mindless snacking between meals when I knew I wasn’t hungry. Once we’d taken that first step in identifying what I wanted to change, we then worked on identifying what was triggering my need to snack and how to try and break the habit. Hypnotherapy certainly isn’t a magic bullet to weight loss but the awareness I’ve gained from the process has been very beneficial.

*As an added bonus, Clare gives you recordings of the sessions to listen to. I listened to them before I went to sleep at night and had some of the best quality sleep I’ve had in years!"